Optimum HR Solutions Inc provides Human Resources consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. Many businesses are unaware of their need for HR as a resource to educate owners and managers and to ensure businesses comply with government laws, and regulations.

Management Services

Human Resources Planning and Design for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The backbone of any successful business is effective organizational structure. Human Resources Planning allows companies to be proactive about the future health, wealth, and growth of their business. Learn More

Legislative Compliance

Regulations are ever-changing, which means that companies may be in the dark about new requirements. Is your business aware of its legal responsibilities, and the costs for non-compliance? Optimum HR Solutions Inc can work your business to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations. Learn More

Restructuring and Change Management

Optimum HR Solutions Inc works to align your organization with the best solutions to assist with the transition and implementation of change management associated with restructuring. Taking a structured approach can ensure that changes are smoothly implemented. Learn More

Policies and Procedures

Everyone wins when clear Policies and Procedures are set in place. Not only do effective Policies and Procedures benefit managers by setting guidelines for operation, they are also valuable for employees, as they set clear terms for their roles, responsibilities and expectations. Learn more

Organizational Effectiveness & Succession Planning

Staff are the heart of any organization, and that’s why it is important to think about succession planning. Would your company be prepared if an employee left unexpectedly? Change is inevitable, but proactive thinking can help.  Learn More

Employee Services


The pressure to find the “right fit” can make hiring new team members seem like a daunting task for many employers. Small and medium sized businesses who are not yet ready to hire a full time HR Manager can benefit greatly from the expertise and ongoing support of an Optimum HR Solutions Inc Recruiter. Learn More

Benefits Administration

There is a lot involved in Benefits Administration, from creating and managing employee benefits programs, to ensuring maximum engagement among employees. Let us take care of benefits delivery, while you focus on more strategic business issues. Learn More

Compensation Strategy and Design

Competitive compensation is a key element in retaining valuable employees. We can help your organization develop a compensation strategy that is right for you, and will be sustainable into the future. Analyze what what attract, motivate and retain skilled employees. Learn More

Employee Relations and Workplace Conflict Management

Even the strongest businesses experience workplace conflict from time to time. It is a normal byproduct of the exchange of ideas and creativity. Learning to constructively resolve conflict can lead to a healthier and more engaging workplace for everyone. Learn More

Performance Management and Performance Reviews

Performance management can put employees on the fast track to reaching their own goals, and the goals of the organization. When a dialogue about performance is started, it allows employers and employers to learn, reflect, and implement solutions.  Learn More


Talent and Leadership Development and Training

At Optimum HR Solutions Inc, we have our finger on the pulse of the changing workplace. We bring a fresh perspective on leadership and employee engagement. Learn how to empower, inspire and instill confidence in your employees to bring out the best in your business. Learn More

HR Consultant On-Call

HR Consultant On-Call

What’s the best part of forming a relationship with Optimum HR Solutions Inc? Having an HR specialist on-call! That means just by placing a phone call, or by completing the online form, you will be connected within 24 hours to the consultant best qualified to assist you. Learn More