Employee Services


The pressure to find the “right fit” can make hiring new team members seem like a daunting task for many employers. Small and medium sized businesses who are not yet ready to hire a full time HR Manager can benefit greatly from the expertise and ongoing support of an Optimum HR Solutions Recruiter. Learn More

Employee Relations and Workplace Conflict Management

Even the strongest businesses experience workplace conflict from time to time. It is a normal byproduct of the exchange of ideas and creativity. Learning to constructively resolve conflict can lead to a healthier and more engaging workplace for everyone. Learn More

Performance Management and Performance Reviews

Performance management can put employees on the fast track to reaching their own goals, and the goals of the organization. When a dialogue about performance is started, it allows employers and employers to learn, reflect, and implement solutions.  Learn More

Benefits Administration

There is a lot involved in Benefits Administration, from creating and managing employee benefits programs, to ensuring maximum engagement among employees. Let us take care of benefits delivery, while you focus on more strategic business issues. Learn More

Compensation Strategy and Design

Competitive compensation is a key element in retaining valuable employees. We can help your organization develop a compensation strategy that is right for you, and will be sustainable into the future. Analyze what what attract, motivate and retain skilled employees. Learn More