Benefits Administration

Whether your organization is a complex global enterprise or a growing small or mid-sized business, Optimum HR Solutions can improve benefits delivery, reduce compliance risk and allow our valued clients to focus on more strategic business issues.

Benefits administration involves creating, managing and updating an employee benefits program and ensuring the maximum engagement among employees. It can be a very labour-intensive task and having an expert to deal with benefit administration can prevent any unforeseen issues for employees. As well, an annual review of the plan would be completed in collaboration with the company to make sure it the best plan to continues to fit the needs of the business and employees.


Optimum HR Solutions will work with your company to ensure the benefits administration will run seamlessly by:

  • Creating a competitive benefits program
  • Enrolling new employees in the benefits program
  • Ensuring all employees are trained in what benefits are available
  • Liaising with suppliers and ensuring all benefits are as competitive as possible
  • Dealing with invoices, or passing them on to the finance department, when employees take advantage of relevant benefits

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